I am THAT. – animistic point /live performance

DJ mix and live performance
15 mins

I am THAT. – animistic point is a DJ mix to play for non-human entities–such as animals, plants, and inanimate objects – possess a spiritual essence on 29th March 2015, in Tokyo Solfa Nakameguro.
Zhuangzi, Eckhardt, Thoreau, Duchamp, Kandinski, Cage, Dick Higgins and many others have suggested or defined the “common ground,” the “undifferentiated bottom” where all separations disappear. Mikel Dufrenne writes about the “trans-sensible” that even if a sound cannot be seen, it is not totally invisible: it is pre-visual. Similarly, the music of a painting is pre-audible. Kimora Bin calls it the “ground of life,” and says that our subjectivity is defined through the relationship to this ground, the relationship with other subjects (“intersubjective”) and the relationships between different layers of consciousness (“intrasubjective”). He calls “aida” the in-between, where these relationships take place. To investigate what is “between (aida) music and art” is to look for possibilities to explore unknown levels of consciousness, and reach the “common ground.” by Christophe Charles