Seeing is Hearing /DIY music

sound installation
W50cm H200cm D45cm
wood, textile, FDD, arduino circuit

Traditional textile makes techno music.
We built embedded a musical instrument titled “Seeing is Hearing”in May 27th — 31st ,2015. Used by artists and engineers alike, we design an installation with open-source software and hardware component.
Background: Kyoto’ that of Nara follows the Jo-Bo system of Chang-an, the ancient capital of the Tang Dynasty. All are cities built on a right-angled grid and within these divisions are further less visible historical grids or networks based on the trade, craft or other activity of the area. KYOTO Design Lab has used this idea in its visual identity of four interlocking crosses.This communication design workshop will build on the idea of Kyoto’ invisible structures. It will introduce participants to the use of sound design in conjunction with visual storytelling using ethnographic methods. These will be used as the basis for a combined visual and sound interpretative piece using the OTOTO platform.


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