inside reliable DELL laptop /projection mapping

The reliability of Dell has always depended on its interior. Inside reliable DELL laptop is a visualization of the technology inside Dell made possible by computer and digital technology. These parts are not often seen from the outside. This Experiential VR project was created to allow people to experience and sympathize with what the brand has created.

We were commissioned to create computer artwork and do audio / visual live performance by DELL inc. In starting up this project, we thought to visualize the analog sensibility of God existing in all things inherited from such a long time by computer and digital technology. On January 20th, 2017 in Nicofarre, Roppongi, Tokyo, a space surrounded by LED displays in all 360 degrees, this A/V live performance and computer animation works were screened by three creators. Therefore we made use of the space itself surrounded by 360 degree LED monitor.
There was an idea of animism that a spirit, a soul, and a god dwell in nature in Japan from ancient time. In other words, we call it a myriad of gods. Japanese people have cherished nature since long ago by finding gods and spirits in nature, fearing them, respecting them, and enshrining them. The attitude to appreciate such wisdom protecting nature and nature’s blessings is passed on to the feeling of love and the sprits mottainai “ that means what a waste!”. Apparently it may seem like a world view unrelated to the people living surrounded by artificial objects nowadays, but modern Japanese people also live in the sensibility of being surprised by mysterious things and mysterious things.

※We recommend you to see with 4K for this 360 video since YouTube’s default setting is set with low resolution

Creative Technologist Mutsumi Abe
Composer/ Arranger Intercity-Express
VR Simulator system engineer Shuhei Matsuyama
Video Programmer Shuhei Matsuyama
Sound Programmer Intercity-Express
HPL 3D Surround Mastering Engineer ACOUSTIC FIELD INC.
360-degree video cameraman Masakatsu Ito

procedure of creation
The high-speed, precise operations of the computer were shown with bassy electronica music. In the compositional
process, we took elements from several different kinds of music styles such as house, techno, noise, electronica, and film music to convey various emotions such as anticipation, arousal, confidence, exhilaration, excitement, passion, joy, and belief etc. Each element was blended together and then each characteristic song was finished. We added a massive bass through the sound system check in the venue. It brought strong emotional experience. In addition, spatial surround sound effect allows audiences to feel multiple rhythms clearly in the 3D space-time domain.
The images were made by generative design, based on real time analysis of audio data. Information such as frequency,
sound pressure, and volume were transformed into points in a 3d space by a sound analysis program. This synchronization makes people to experience something approaching synesthesia. The result is at the same time thrilling yet relaxing. In the Nicofarre simulator, 3d CG was used to create an animation in conjunction with the audio data. The animation was rendered and mapped onto it. The camera positions were lined up according to the line of site of the spectators. In order to get the feeling of truly entering a 3d space, VR functions were added to the Nicofarre simulator. Developers used the head mounted VR displays to get a sense of the perspective and appearance of the images, and used this information to create VR function.
Spatial Sound mixing was applied so that the sound image moved together with the image in 3D space. Synchronization
in the space-time domain was realized and enhanced immersive feeling and realism in the VR space. We adopted
object-based spatial surround mastering technology that can be reproduced with headphones and 2ch stereo sound
equipment so as not to limit the playback environment.

We created the 90 sec video which made audience to feel the internal processing of the laptop with a light beat and
geometric primitive art, and played this video before the presenter’s entrance. A monochrome world without light.
Geometric figure moving fast. High processing performance and accurate clock. Infinite sense of depth and feeling
approaching from the front. We also added two-dimensional plane representation to achieve a higher immersive feeling
while differentiating our work from pseudo 3D. Zero gravity and a sense of transcending dimension made audience to feel forthcoming future.
digital image_xps

In the 90 sec video titled “ALIENWARE”, we encouraged gaming experiences in infinitely spread three-dimensional space. High-speed dance of design icons, voyage in the ocean, shadows of aliens flinging in the deep sea. It stimulates the
playfulness of creators and game users.
digital image_ALW